May 2016

Friends of RARE Italian,

We are stoked for the nicer weather (after some rainy/snowy spring days) and looking forward to a fun and exciting patio season upon us. Bask in the abundant Colorado sunshine on our patio during the week for an after-work treat at our daily Happy Hour.

That’s right – Happy Hour is EVERYDAY, including Saturday & Sunday! Starting at 4p everyday, you can enjoy our patio in the heart of Old Town while sipping on the Barrel-aged Negroni cocktail and enjoy some antipasti.

The Negroni is a classic Italian cocktail made from Boodles Gin, Contratto Vermouth Rosso, Contratto Bitter, and Aperitif. At RARE, we barrel-age the drink for one month, allowing time for the flavors to marry, delivering a real smooth taste. It’s served over ice with a piece of flamed orange peel; as an aperitivo, it helps kick start your digestion before diving into a delicious Italian meal.

A perfect Italian dish to follow the Negroni is our Tajarin al Ragu. Tajarin (pronounced ‘tye-reen’) is a traditional dried egg pasta recipe from Piedmont, a region in northern Italy. The thin egg noodles deliver a rich, silky pasta that’s incredibly fresh. Our Tajarin al Ragu is served with pork sausage and house-aged beef ragu, parmigiano-reggiano, and rosemary.

In addition to our hand-made pastas and cheeses, and our in-house dry-aging meat program, we also just started growing some herbs in-house. Currently, we are growing sage, thyme, chives, and more, proving our commitment to local foods and freshness! Check out the windows near the back of the restaurant the next time you are in to see nature take it’s course in our herb garden!

We look forward to seeing you at our daily happy hour – and basking in the sun on our fantastic patio this spring and summer!


Grazie Mille

The RARE team

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