From the heart of Piemonte comes one of Italy’s classic DOCG wines, the Travaglini Gattinara.  This wine is known for its unique shape that was created by Giancarlo Travaglini in 1958.  The shape of the bottle is designed to catch sediment, some also believe it was modeled solely after the hand of the pope.

Our 2013 Travaglini Gattinara offers a pure expression of the renowned Nebbiolo grape.  Auburn red with an orange rim in the glass, aromas of fresh roses, and tasting notes of anise, pomegranate, and red cherries  The grapes are harvested in early October, aged two years in large Slovenian oak, followed by an additional year in smaller oak barrels. Pair this wine with our Piemonte-style pasta dish Tajarin al Ragu to complete your Piemonte tasting.

Fun fact:  Our owner’s roots derive from Piemonte, many of our dishes are inspired by the Bevevino family

RARE Italian Restaurant is located in the heart of Old Town, Fort Collins and features an extensive wine list and in-house dry-aging room to offer the best steaks in Northern Colorado.

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