If you like red wine, you’re going to love the Bric Del Fiasc wine! The Bric Del Fiasc wine is made at the Paulo Scavino winery, located in the region of Barolo. It is one of the most sought after wines from the Piedmont region of Italy.

This wine has a complex earthy aroma, a dense fruit taste with notes of red fruits and licorice, as well as refined tannins. It is a red, full-bodied wine and made from Nebbiolo grapes. Nebbiolo grapes are considered to be the grape of choice in some of the best quality wines in the Piedmont region. Only the best grapes for the best wine!

The Bric Del Fiasc wine has been highly rated by wine critics for many years, and is among other top-shelf wines at Rare Italian Restaurant. It is the perfect wine to pair with a mild cheese, or an antipasta plate. This wine would pair perfectly with Rare Italian’s dry-aged meats, or with the delicious Red Wine Risotto.

Fun Fact: The Bric del Fiasc vineyard has been in the Scavino family since 1921. The first bottle of this wine was produced separate in 1978, and the wine will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year, in 2018.

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