At RARE Italian Restaurant in Fort Collins, we proudly make our own pasta from scratch each and every day. Making pasta can seem intimidating – but it’s really not too difficult if you have a bit of patience.  You can make pasta from as few as two ingredients – there are tons of different recipes and ways to make pasta out there – but here we will share the RARE recipe and process.

Click HERE to download the PDF of ingredients and directions to make your own pasta just like we do at RARE Italian!

A Bit of History

Pasta is relatively new to Italian culinary tradition – only within the last 175 years.  Most associate pasta with Italian food with the assumption such a staple originated in Italy, but that’s not necessarily true.  Pasta is more than likely a descendent of ancient Asian noodles, and brought to Italy from China by Marco Polo during the 13th century.  As pasta’s popularity grew, there became varying differences in regions, with southern Italy making pasta in it’s simplest form with two ingredients: flour and water, resulting in a longer shelf life.  Conversely, northern Italy tends to have fresh pasta, made with regional ingredients and eggs, resulting in a much shorter shelf life.  Dry pasta, or the two-ingredient pasta popular in southern Italy, is typically served with olive oil, a tomato sauce like a marinara, or seafood, versus a fresh pasta which is typically served with butter, a meat ragú, or cream sauces.

RARE Italian Restaurant is located in the heart of Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We are proud to offer seasonal, fresh, local ingredients with our Italian cuisine.  We grow our own herbs in-house, hand-make several cheeses, roll our own pasta daily, and have a dry-aging meat cooler in the dining room to offer the best steaks in Northern Colorado.

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