What is Dry-aged Meat

Dry-aging is difficult and expensive – which is why many restaurants do not do it – but boy, does it make a phenomenal steak.  The time and energy (and patience) put into the process truly results in a quality steak.  At RARE, we aren’t afraid of a... read more

Pasta Making Demo

THANK YOU to all who joined us for August’s Pasta Making Demo!  We had a blast and we hope you continue to join us each month as we explore the food (and drinks!) of RARE!  September’s Demo is all about our Dry-aging Meat process: What IS Dry-aging? What... read more

Panzanella: a Tuscan Salad

Summertime – the season with the most abundant fresh fruits and vegetables!  And what better way to enjoy the seasons’ harvest than with a delicious salad. Part of RARE Italian Restaurant’s summer menu includes an additional salad to the appetizers:... read more

Stracotto – The Italian Pot Roast

RARE’s menu changes seasonally, but we consistently keep a delicious Risotto option and alter to highlight seasonal flavors.  For the summer menu, we have a delicious Risotto Stracotto made with aged Carnaroli rice, braised beef, hand-torn bread crumbs,... read more

Sage Farrotto

The Sage Farrotto dish features a spiced carrot purée with fried chickpeas, broccoli rapini, citrus glaze, and tomato oil.  If you’re a fan of Risotto, you’re sure to enjoy the Sage Farrotto dish as farro is a very similar grain.  A pearled form of wheat with roots in... read more


A Visit from a Lead Winemaker in Italy

Il vino fa buon sangue – an Italian proverb that means, Good Wine Makes Good Blood – rings true of La Spinetta winery in Italy, which, in 1977, the Rivetti family founded.  As the winery has been passed down, it has been in their blood ever since. This past... read more

A Mount Etna Rosé

Wine List Fun Fact: Mount Etna, located on the eastern coast of Sicily, has experienced volcanic eruptions nearly every year since 2001. Rosé is produced on almost every continent, but imagine drinking a rosé from the slopes of the most active volcano in all of... read more

The Northern Italian Classic Wine

From the heart of Piemonte comes one of Italy’s classic DOCG wines, the Travaglini Gattinara.  This wine is known for its unique shape that was created by Giancarlo Travaglini in 1958.  The shape of the bottle is designed to catch sediment, some also believe it was... read more

Aglianico: Southern Italy’s Nebbiolo

Supporting our local community during Great Plates: We are also featuring the Piccini Memoro and Piccini Pinot Grigio with our three-course food pairing in support of the Larimer County food bank until March 14th, 2017.  The Memoro is a rustic Italian red blend with a... read more

A Unique Red Wine

This dynamic Italian blend pairs perfectly with our signature Braised Beef dish or any of our dry-aged steaks. Locations I by Dave Phinney is one of the unique red wines offered at Rare Italian. This wine represents a beautiful marriage between Northern and Southern... read more

Paul Hobbs: Crossbarn Cab

Paul Hobbs CrossBarn (Cabernet Sauvignon) Napa Valley 2013 Another new addition to RARE Italian Restaurant’s wine list recently is a Cabernet Sauvignon from CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs in Napa Valley.  Launched in 2000, CrossBarn is Paul Hobbs’ second winery... read more

Piancornello: Rosso di Montalcino 2013

Piancornello Rosso Di Montalcino (Sangiovese) Tuscany 2013 We have added some new wines to our list this August and each week for Wine Wednesday we will be highlighting some of our additions.  This week, we are featuring an Organic winery in Tuscany –... read more