January 2017

Happy New Year, RARE Fans!!

Thank you all for a fantastic 2016 and our 2nd anniversary in Fort Collins.  We’re stoked we can continue to share our love of Italian cuisine and wine with the community!

To kick-off the new year, we are hosting a month-long special on our dry-aged steaks!  January is National Meat Month and we plan to share info about the dry-aging process all month long on our social pages.  Stop in and enjoy 10% off Bone-in steaks: the Fiorentina (an Italian Porterhouse) & the 24 oz. New York Strip.  These are subject to change depending on availability, so get in while you can to enjoy the best steaks in Northern Colorado. 

A savory dinner awaits...

Your New Year Resolution was to get more protein, right? Or maybe improve your diet in some way?  A dry-aged steak will not only fill your protein need, but it’s also an incredibly flavorful way to enjoy a steak.  The dry-aging process reduces the water content in the meat, therefore concentrating flavors making each bite melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  Paired with some sautéed spinach and potatoes, you’ve got a perfectly balanced – and healthy – meal.  With our locally sourced beef, you’re making a commitment to your health, the environment, and the community

Dry-aging is difficult and expensive – which is why many restaurants do not do it – but damn, does it make a phenomenal steak.  The time and energy (and patience) put into the process truly results in a quality steak.  At RARE, we aren’t afraid of a little work, which is why we not only dry-age our steaks, but we also hand-make our pasta and cheeses, hand-toss our pizzas, and even have an herb garden in our windows year-round.

OK, so maybe steaks aren’t your thing or you’ve got a friend who’s vegetarian that you want to join you for a delectable meal – FEAR NOT!  Tomorrow – Wednesday, January 11th – we launch our Winter Seasonal Menu, including plenty of vegetarian options, a seasonal risotto update, and the return of the beloved Agnolotti dal Plin – a chef’d up version of your favorite stuffed pasta.  We even added the Arancini appetizer back – the crispy stuffed risotto balls.

We hope to see you at the start of this new year to take advantage of #NationalMeatMonth and experience the Winter Menu! 


Grazie Mille & Happy New Year!

The RARE Team

RARE Italian Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO is located in the heart of Old Town. We are proud to offer local, fresh ingredients and are committed to seasonality.  We offer the best steaks in Northern Colorado with our in-house dry-aging room, and feature an extensive wine list of 60+ wines in-house.

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